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City Outlet Franchise

City Outlet Franchise is the owner of one particular city who act as a company for the sub unit Or Outlet franchisee and drivers of RoadEx. RoadEx city franchise carries the important role and responsible for all the activities happening in the particular city. City Outlet Franchise provides an office to the company to carry out legal and operational actions.

Roles and Responsibilities of City Outlet Franchise

  • Helps in expanding business in the city.
  • Get the new Franchise enrol

Get the new Customers enrol.

  • Meeting Customers.
  • Handling the grievances of existing franchise in the city.
  • Expand the network in corporate sector.

Make Corporate Deal with Corporate Clients

  • Provide application and GPS training to drivers and sub franchise.
  • Attend the sales calls
  • RoadEx transport parking facility
  • Maintain excel for the expenses.
  • Get the KYC of new on bord drivers of the city.
  • Daily sales reporting to the assigned manager.
  • Visit the head office periodically to be updated with all latest technologies and amendments in system.
  • riendly and Professionally behaviour with the unit franchise and drivers.
  • Reporting all the mishappening to the head office.

Make Corporate Deal with Corporate Clients

  • City Franchise Investment
  • Area/Office Space- 200 to 300 sft
  • Security Deposit – Rs. 15 Lac (refundable)
  • Franchise Fee - Rs. 5 Lac (excluding GST)
  • Software Fee - Rs. 1,20,000 Lac (excluding GST)

Company Support :

  • Company pays the rent of Shop/Outlet
  • Company pays the Electricity Bill, Salaries and bear all the Expenses of Shop/Outlet.
  • Company supports in training and marketing
  • Company helps in recruiting the staff.
  • Benefits/ Income to City Franchise
  • Benefits/ Income to City Franchise
  • 12% Assured MGI Per Annum Income
  • Rs. 25000/- Per Referral Earnings.
  • 10% Income from corporate client
  • 20% Commission on total monthly Generated Sales
  1. Calculation of Income
  2. let take a example:-
  3. if in a one day 5 Customers will get enroll
  4. of each average Rupees Rs.10000/-
  5. Then in a one day total sales will be :
  6. Rs. 10000 x 5 Customers : Rs.50000/- day
  7. Monthly Sales : Rs.50000 x 30 days Rs. 15,00,000/-
  8. Your Income will be 20% on Total Monthly Sales
  9. 20% commission on Rs.15,00,000/- : Rs. 3,00,000/-
  10. 10% commission from corporate clients
  11. if total sales from corporate clients is Rs 10,00,000/- per month then
  12. Your Commission will be 10% of Rs. 10 Lac : Rs. 1,00,000/- Per Month


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