RoadEx Transport

Roadex District Warehouse Franchise

RoadEx District Warehouse Franchise. FOCO MODEL

Total Investment:  Rs. 5,11,000/- as Below :

Franchise Fee :   Rs. 5 Lac

Software Fee:      Rs. 1,1,000

Functional Area: Parking of Vehicles, Warehousing and Shorting and Dispatching to other Franchise.

Roadex District Warehouse Franchise Warehouse is the key component within both logistics and supply chain. Warehouses have the close connections with the highways which allows us to deliver goods and service on time. Warehouses provide the packaging and labelling supplies that are needed to ensure the goods get to the destination safely.

RoadEx warehouse has high tech security feature.

CCTV around the premises.

  • Smoke and fire detection and prevention
  • Alarm system that are monitored around the clock 24/7
  • Access control system that limit and monitor the building.
  • Software that can maintain the to and fro of transports easily.
  • Mobile application to maintain the communication and flow.
  • Equipment’s ready.
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Warehouse Franchise

  • Provide space where drivers can relax
  • Monitor warehouse 24x7
  • Ensure the goods are safely covered and tied.
  • equipment to repair any damage.
  • Creating network in the particular region
  • Install the FastTag counter
  • Update issues on mobile application as well as software
  • Get the KYC done
  • Documents rechecking and validation
  • Maintain and install the GPS in RoadEx transport
  • Provide bedding and room to drivers
  • Get the trucks and RoadEx transport cleaned
  • Maintain the expenses in excel and mail to admin and accounts department
  • Reporting to the assigned manager
  • Company Support

  • Company pays the rent of the warehouse
  • Company pays the electricity bill, salaries and bear all the expenses of warehouse.
  • Company supports in training and marketing
  • Company helps in recruiting the staff
  • Warehouse Investment

    1. Area/Space : 1000-5000 sft
    2. Security deposit : Rs. 20 lacs (depending on size of the warehouse)
    3. Franchise Fee - Rs. 5 lac (excluding GST)
    4. Software Fee - Rs. 1,20,000/-

    Benefits/ Income of RoadEx Warehouse Franchise

  • Assured monthly income
  • Commission on Total Sales Generate From the Area.
  • Commission on Parking Area.
  • Commission on Washing Service of Vehicles.
  • Commission on FastTag Service.
  • Commission on Repairing Services.
  • Commission on Packaging Services.
  • Commission on Inward and Outward of Goods
  • Commission on Servicing of Vehicles.
  • Commission on KYC Documentation of Drivers and Vehicles.
  • Commission on every new franchise assigned by the warehouse franchise

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